A sample of my work in editing, writing, and creating websites.


I’ve had the privilege of editing in a wide variety of contexts, from the online magazine The Father Life to the brand documents that make up the life-blood of an organization’s communication.

Below are examples Healing, the newsletter of CURE International. For these documents, I managed the entire project, from sourcing and editing the content, to working with the designers, to printing and distribution.


While I would say I’m a better editor than writer, I have often had the opportunity to write. From radio spots to blog posts to ghostwriting for the CEO, I’ve had many opportunities to bring other people’s ideas to life.

Below are examples of the President’s Report and Annual Reports from CURE International. I wrote these and worked closely with the designers to arrive at the final product.


Good websites are living things, always changing, growing, molding to the shape they need today. Below are a number of websites that I have been involved in crafting, deploying, and maintaining. While I can’t take credit for everything you may encounter on them, they do bear my imprint in words, design, or both.